The Beginner's Guide to TriDu

Wait, what exactly is TriDu? UBC’s Triathlon Duathlon is BC’s longest-running race, all of which takes place on the beautiful campus. You’ll go from an indoor swim in the Aquatic Centre’s competition tank, to a beautiful bike ride and run around the picturesque Marine Drive. The entire race has a closed route for your safety, professional race timing (so that you can come back in 2020 and challenge your personal record!), and plenty of post-race festivities! It’s open to ANY level of athlete, offering a range of distances from Olympic to Short, as well as a Duathlon option (bike-run) and a Relay option!
Okay! What’s next?


The key to an amazing TriDu experience is making it uniquely YOURS. Before you register to race, think about your personal triathlon goals. Use this handy checklist to think about your own motivations for registering!

  • I’m racing to challenge myself
  • I’m racing to step outside of my comfort zone
  • I’m interested in triathlons and want to give it a try
  • I want to have fun and make friends in the fitness community
  • I’m looking to beat my own personal record from a previous race
  • I want to work towards a goal
  • I want to start 2019 by checking this off of my bucket list

Thinking about your ambitions before you begin training – and affirming them for yourself – will keep you motivated and excited about your new journey!


You absolutely don’t have to break the bank to race TriDu, but you’ll need to ensure you have all the gear you need ahead of time.

  • Well-fitting bathing suit
  • Swim cap
  • A pair of goggles
  • A road bike (whether this is your own, or borrowed from a friends)
  • A well-fitting helmet
  • Supportive footwear
  • Sunglasses, if needed
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Supportive footwear

And don’t forget a waterbottle to stay hydrated during the race!

“So… you don’t have a road bike? Neither did I for my first few triathlons. I made training fun by mixing it up between my urban cycling, spin classes and on a stationary bike at the gym. Then once I was approaching a race day, I rented or borrowed a road bike to get a feel for road riding. Once I knew I wanted to set higher goals for myself in the sport, I bought a road bike.” – Victoria Sinnott



As a first-time racer, you’ll quickly learn the mental game involved in a triathlete. No matter what your reason for racing is, remember that it’s all about having a positive attitude. Make yourself a training plan; include some cross-training, some friends that will challenge you, and a killer playlist. (Stay tuned over on our UBC Triathlon Duathlon event page on Facebook, we’ve got one comin’ for ya!)

“Find a training group! Triathlon is great in that you can train on your own when needed with a busy schedule but nothing is more motivating or effective than a group session to push you and keep it fun.” – Tom Watson

Nutrition, sleep, and water are key essentials to your triathlete game, and can assist you in a healthy and athletic lifestyle. At the end of the day, remember: this is your race, to accomplish your personal goals, on your own schedule!

Need a bit of extra help with training/information/motivation? Check out our ‘First Time Triathlete Package’ including race entry for a short or sprint triathlon, a kick-off party to meet your community, training sessions, drop-in UBC Aquatic Centre passes, and more!