5 simple and fun ways to keep active for your triathlon!

Finding it tough to keep active for your triathlon throughout the upcoming winter season? Not to worry, here are 5 simple and fun ways that you can keep training for your triathlon:
1. Have a splash of a time at the UBC Aquatic Centre!
The beautiful indoor UBC Aquatic Centre has the 50 meter competition pool where the UBC Triathlon will take place.  Additionally, the UBC Aquatic Centre offers several classes that will get you moving in the pool such as Aqua Zumba, Hydro Board Yoga or Swim Fit, they’ve got you covered! Check the drop in schedule here.
2. Get those wheels going at a spin class!
Warm up and pump those legs through some fun spin classes throughout the winter season! Don’t let the harsh weather outside stop you from getting on your bike – spin classes are a fun way to keep up your overall cardio and keep your legs active through the winter season.
3. Have some fun with RYU! 

RYU offers a wide variety of events that range from strength-building, endurance and flexibility training, and fitness challenges that will surely keep you going throughout the training season. What is awesome about the space is the classes are free! You are able to join the RYU community in yoga, boxing, athletic conditioning and several other events! Check out the RYU events schedule here.
4. Stretch it out for some yoga classes!
Finally, spend some time to relax and relieve some stress by participate in some yoga classes.  If you’re wanting to train your physical strength, balance, flexibility or care for your mental health, yoga classes can help you on all of those! UBC Recreation has a variety of yoga classes such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga or Flow Yoga! Find the UBC Student Recreation Centre’s yoga and pilates schedule here.

5. Ready for a scenic run by the beach?
Though the winter does get cold, the scenic run by the water never gets old. Enjoy a beautiful run by your local beach – it’s a wonderful way to keep up your cardio, while having a chance to clear your mind and enjoy the view.
We hope these 5 simple tips and tricks keep you well on your way to reaching your personal best! If you have not registered yet, visit ubcrectridu.ca to save your spot for the 2019 UBC Triathlon!