"What Keeps Them Coming Back to the Rink?"

Photo Cred: Ethan Compagna

Whether you have little background or extensive experience with the sport, you may already know the answers. The Todd Ice Hockey League is known to host some of UBC Recreation Intramurals’ most dedicated individuals, forming an incredible community and atmosphere that motivates teams to return term after term!

“What draws people to come play in the first place?”


The Todd Ice Hockey League is one whose participants consistently return, playing each game as if it were their last. Some teams, such as the Allard Law Legal Eagles, Georockies, and Skinterceptors to name a few, have players that have been present with the league throughout the entirety of their UBC experiences.

Goal Diggers, W2STGN 2018 Term 1 Champions

This year, the league hosted two W2STGN’s teams, whose presence on the ice was immensely prevalent throughout this term. The members of these teams have expressed their undying passion for the sport, not only verbally, but through their active participation and domination on the ice. “UBC REC really made it smooth and accessible for us to play hockey as a women’s team,” says Ariel from the Goal Diggers, W2STGN 2018 Term 1 Champions.
The league is open to all players. Some have come from extensive hockey backgrounds, playing for the majority of their lives, and others who have found new love for the sport within the league.

Despite the late nights, and fierce competition, the real question has now become:

“What keeps them coming back?”


League participants come in many forms. Some as friends, others as members of a club, some are representing their faculty or fraternity, and some are even strangers that join as a free-agent team. The league is welcoming to all. However, the most astounding aspect, recognized by not only the players, but the staff, is the family that is created amongst these teams.
The community that is built through playing such a team-driven sport, paired with the dedication of its players allows any group of people to find their family within the Todd Ice Hockey League.

Photo Cred: Ethan Compagna

Don’t miss the opportunity to register your family by September 18th, 2019.
Still looking for your own family? To find it, attend our Free-Agent meeting in the Student Recreation Centre on September 12th, 2019 at 5pm or join this facebook group.