Christmas comes early for the UBC Nordic Ski Team!

We are happy to report that the past few weeks worth of rain came in the form of snow at both Callaghan Valley and Cypress, meaning that we will be on snow when we get back from the holidays. Some of our members even snuck out for a few hot laps in between exams.

As most of our readers know, coastal BC was plagued by a lack of snow for the most part of this semester. As a result, all of our early season races were either cancelled or moved to another (less accessible – especially during exams) part of the country.
Consequently, most of our time has been spent dryland training or staring at venue webcams and the mountains hoping to catch a glimpse of snow.
So, in order keep spirits high in those times of no snow, we resorted to other sources of motivation such as cinnamon buns or team brunches at the Lumb’s as a post practice reward. In other news, we’re still not sure if we like candy cane-chocolate-cinnamon buns.
We have also been lucky enough to be invited to other team’s practices on a weekly basis. For the second half of the semester, Monday evenings were spent sweating it out at Method Cycling with the TSC Cycling Squad and Thursday nights meant some leg crushing hill reps at Trimble with the local ski club, Hollyburn Racing.

Team lead Carrington Pomeroy had this to say about the fall semester: “I’ve been really impressed with the team so far this semester, practice attendance has well exceeded my expectations and everyone has been working really hard. I’m stoked to see them tear it up this winter! That being said, this wouldn’t have gone nearly as smoothly without the help of Hollyburn Ski Club and Method Cycling, as well as our coaches, Nico Petch, John Aalberg, Jake Weaver and Dave Lumb”
When/where can you see us tear up the trails next? Up next for the team will be tuning up at local races on their home trails over the holidays before we tackle the Reino Keski Salmi Loppet in Salmon Arm on January 19th and the BC Cup in Revelstoke on January 24th and 25th.
Athlete Profile: Wassim Ghazi

YOB/Racing Category: 1998 Junior Men
Hometown: Houston, Texas Baby!
What are you studying: Philosophy
Skate or Classic: Skate
Favourite spot you’ve xc skied and why: Ål Norway. Because I can eat KVIKK LUNSJ, and no one will judge me.
Go-to breakfast meal: Müsli. Oh, yes! Love me some Müsli.
Favourite seasoning/sauce: Dijon Mustard.
Favourite studying building: Law Building is pretty sweet! Well lit, quiet (almost too quiet) and has a great view.
Smooth or crunchy pb: I appreciate the munch in the crunch.
Trip/race you’re most looking forward to this year: Nationals, because the Plongeon huard is the official bird of Ontario, and Ottawa is in Ontario, so it only makes sense that I will have the opportunity to see a Plongeon huard.
If you could go to the olympics for one sport (other than xc): Tree Climbing
Favourite board game: The Classic Monopoly.
Fun facts: I hate all jelly fish, absolutely despise them!
Quote of the Month:
“We could finish our long run with ice cream? Ice cream = milk = protein = gains?” – Alison Pouw
Potluck Dish of the Month:
Alia Sanger’s homemade donuts
Non-Training Related Highlight of the Month
The UBC “Nerdic” Ski Team taking the TSC Trivia Trophy

Happy Holidays!