Joy | Faces of Recreation

Joy is a faculty member.

“I was motivated to create the program to improve community spirit, improve personal fitness and sense of wellness, help provide awareness of individual habits and means to improve them.”

Joy created the Walkabout in 2006 to improve community spirit, improve personal fitness, and a sense of wellness. She is a frequent visiter to the Osborne gym and active member of the Walkabout since its’ creation.

Joy’s Top Pick

UBC Walkabout

” My favorite things include the increased conversations in the stairwell as people start using the stairs rather than the elevator to increase their steps and the comments at the end of the walkabout about feeling better, enjoying the team approach to exercise, and having a sense of efficacy around their own health.”

The Walkabout is a nine-week health and wellbeing challenge that promotes regular exercise in social settings and allows for annual check-ins and goal adjustments. Staff, faculty, students, and community members make a team of five and log their daily steps to engage in a virtual race with other teams. The competition element makes it fun and interactive. The most important goal of the walkabout is to help make people aware of just how far they do walk each day when they take everything into account, even teaching, shopping, or cooking. Participants begin to develop a sense for what a healthy level of activity looks or feels like. The end of the nine-week walkabout is celebrated with an awards ceremony that showcase winners of categories such as “most actual steps.” It’s a great way to meet new people and to really learn about how an active lifestyle can be easily incorporated into your life.