Let’s Train: TriDu 2019

If you’ve made it this far into your triathlon journey, you’ve already accomplished so much. Registering for an event that requires both work and dedication is a feat in itself – and now that you’re here, let’s talk training schedules. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as race day approaches!

  1. There is NO one right way to train. There are different ways to train for different bodies, different schedules, and different people. Every athlete will find their own routine that allows them to progress without overworking themselves – it’s the consistency and maintenance of your own individual training style that matters the most.


“Consistency is key. There are many ways to prepare for a triathlon. Some people build up distance over time, some people will train distances longer than the race distances, and some people stick to higher intensity over shorter distances. But if the goal is completion, often times the hardest training is mental. Keeping consistent allows you to build confidence in your physical ability to reach that finish line.” – Lawrence Lam


  1. Cross train, cross train, cross train! Remember that regardless of which discipline you’re training on any given day, you’re always benefiting. Cross training is crucial to triathlon training, and as long as you’re switching up your exercises your body is reaping the rewards.


“My favourite tip is not to stress about how you’re going to fit in training for all three different disciplines. I find that the best thing about this sport is that even if you are training in the pool, on the bike, or going for a run, you are still always contributing to every other sport. Think about it this way: you are always just cross training for the other two sports you are not currently doing. Going for a run? You’ll be better the next day you’re on the bike or in the pool. Everything translates.” – Vicky Sinnott


  1. Surround yourself with motivation. You’ve made it this far, and you’re so close. If you haven’t been training with friends yet, it’s never too late to start! Whether you find fellow triathletes or just recruit some workout buddies, there’s no motivation quite like a friend. Hold yourself accountable to your own training, but reaching out for support adds plenty of extra dedication – and fun!


“Train with friends! I have found that between all the workouts you do to build up to race day, it’s so motivating when you have training buddies. Not only do they hold you accountable to sticking to your training plan, but it also makes training something to look forward to, especially when afterwards you can revel in all the work you just put in – over your favourite sweet treat or drink!” – Vicky Sinnott


  1. Plan to rest. It’s incredibly important to ensure that you incorporate recovery days into your workout schedule. While it can seem like a necessity to ramp up your routine during the final month of preparation, resist the urge! These rest days are crucial to allow your muscles time to recover, and your body time to rebuild, which can prevent injury or muscle strain. It’s all about balance: listen to your body, and allow yourself time to rest. You’ve earned it!


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