What is Yoga Rave?


Yoga Rave was started by two UBC Recreation Intramurals staff members, and each year of this event has seen it evolve. Two years ago, the use of glow sticks was stopped due to their single use nature. Instead, participants are now provided with water-soluble, fluorescent paints to add that extra pop of neon colour and get into the groove of Yoga Rave! However, the main vision for Yoga Rave has remained the same- to deliver a free, accessible and inclusive event to the UBC community, encouraging everyone to get moving, have fun and take a break!


What’s the ‘yoga’ part of Yoga Rave?


The practice of yoga  holds much cultural significance.  It originated in ancient India as a group of spiritual, mental and physical disciplines. The Western adaptation of yoga primarily focuses on the physical poses and is most firmly rooted in a form of Hatha yoga. This event- Yoga Rave- embodies a similar aspect of yoga practice as a form of physical activity. Participants of all levels and experience are guided through poses by our instructor with upbeat music and flashing lights. We use the darkness and black lights to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable to move in the way they want to, while still having a fun experience!


What’s the ‘rave’ part of Yoga Rave?


From the “rave” side, this event adopts the seamless electronic music, the laser light show that flickers in time with a beat and black lights that make your whitest shirts glow even brighter. From a participant end, we encourage the same bright clothes- especially ones you can move in! We hope that through music and yoga poses, all participants will feel a level the connectivity and flow of energy fill the room.

What do we leave out of this event? There are no drugs or alcohol permitted at Yoga Rave.


Yoga Rave is FREE but first come, first serve, so head over early! It will be held at Totem Park Ballroom on Thursday February 7th. RSVP to our Facebook event here.