Inaugural UBC Ski Team Alumni Event

Our first 4 months back as a UBC TSC team have been an incredible ride. We’ve trained a lot, socialized a lot, raced a bit less than we had hoped, and learned a ton about the Thunderbird Sports Club program at UBC and the sports it facilitates. This year we’ve gotten to take weekly spin classes at Method Spin Studio with the Cycling team, watch soccer with Lacrosse, and huck dodgeballs at the Ultimate teams. Some TSC clubs we have more in common with than others – we haven’t collaborated much with the equestrian or synchronized swimming team, though when the opportunity presents itself we will be ready.  


Cheering for Carleton (#ottawapride) in the Men’s Soccer Finals Cary and Blakely running up mountains with some UBC ski team alumni / friends!
Looking through the TSC photo archives from (not so distant) past Imagine days


However, our most exciting collaboration yet is coming up on March 6th, where we will be having an Alumni and Team Social with the UBC Alpine Ski Team at Mahoney and Sons. This is an opportunity to reconnect with the UBC Ski Team alumni, and we couldn’t be more excited to learn and get to know the skiers who once called UBC home (or school….). We’ve been so grateful for the support we’ve had from past alumni (driving up to Cypress, coaching, offering inspirational Strava segments) this year, and we’re hoping to introduce and connect all the new faces we’ve had show up on the ski scene this fall.


The first annual UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs Skiing Alumni & Team Social is taking place on March 6th 2019, where we invite you to join fellow UBC alumni and meet current Alpine and Nordic student athletes, executives and coaches as they prepare to head off to their respective national championships! This event is an opportunity to meet the current team, executives, coaches and reconnect with your teammates & friends. The UBC ski teams are excited to reconnect and share highlights of their current season, program goals and much more!



Ticket: $20.00 for you and a guest (includes a drink and a raffle ticket)
Date: Wednesday, March 6th 2019
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: Mahoney and Sons Stamps Landing – 601 Stamps Landing, Vancouver, BC
Please RSVP by purchasing your ticket below by March 4th.

If you have further questions or special requests regarding the event please contact UBC Athletics & Recreation’s Sport Club Coordinator, Christina Donnelly at or call 604-822-3683.

When/where can you see us tear up the trails next? Up next for the team will be the Coast Outdoors P’ayakentsut on February 23rd 2019 before we head to Ottawa to throw down with Canada’s best at Nationals.

Athlete Profile: Katia Lumb

Name: pumpkin maple syrup, dumb lumb, just Kat works too I guess

YOB/Racing Category: 2000, Junior women

Hometown: Raincouver

What are you studying: Animal sciences

Skate or Classic: Classic, its classy after all

Favourite spot you’ve XC skied and why: Norway, views are astonishing

Go-to breakfast meal: Peach pie, treat yo self

Favourite seasoning/sauce: Sriracha. On everything.

Favourite studying building: The great dane coffee shop. They have a resident great dane, need I say more?

Smooth or crunchy pb: I’m nuts about crunchy pb

Trip/race you’re most looking forward to this year: Revel#stoked

If you could go to the olympics for one sport (other than xc): Squats are in the Olympics right?

Favourite board game: Where in the world. You could say I’m a champ at geography.

Fun facts: Will (and often does) stop mid workout to say hi to dogs.


Quote of the Month:

Just called Cypress, they said there is no biblical rain but a drizzle – Blakely

Potluck Dish of the Month:

Matan’s #freefood fruit salad finds

Non-Training Related Highlight of the Month

A solid snowfall in Vancouver meant skiing to school (or lab).


For season updates including our current roster, schedule, results and more, head to the UBC TSC Nordic Skiing Homepage.