The Snow Prevails in the Start of 2019 for TSC Lacrosse

The UBC Thunderbirds Lacrosse SC were supposed to have 2 games under their belt in 2019 already, however with uncooperative weather, that number says at 1.

February 2nd saw UBC defeat the Abbotsford Attack by a score of 9-6. The spirited and chippy game saw UBC get off to a slow start, down 2-0 to start the game. However off of strong offensive play by team captains Connor Frost and Tomas Syskakis, the Thunderbirds were able to get back into the game by half time.

The rest of the game saw a team effort of defence, offence and strong transition play. A few too many penalties taken by Abbotsford afforded UBC to waste more of the clock, and finish out the game with a victory. With the win, UBC holds a record of 4-3-1, their only tie came against the same Abbotsford earlier in the season.

February 9th would have seen UBC take on New Westminster, one of the top teams in the CWFLL however with field closures in New Westminster, the game has been cancelled and no make up date has been announced.

UBC will be back on March 2nd against the Ladner Pioneers, the defending BC champions, and a team UBC hasn’t seen in competition in almost 2 years.

The new year also saw a new sponsor. Lafarge Canada will be the official education sponsor of the squad. With the sponsorship, UBC Thunderbirds Lacrosse SC will be able to pump in resources such as workshops, study tables and other educational services for the players. With this resource, the squad is determined to provide not only an environment for UBC students to play competitive lacrosse, but also commit to being stars in the classroom.

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