Tennis Talk – February 2019

Although Sasha Boskovic works almost exclusively with high performance players at the UBC Tennis Centre, his philosophy for success and lifetime enjoyment in the sport has trickled down throughout all tennis programming.

“The feeling we have at all levels, be it fundamental or competitive, is that everyone is contributing to the success of our programs”, says Boskovic. “Even those who aren’t at the top level as a junior can see the chain of events taking place and what it can lead to. It should give parents, players and kids the motivation to see just what is possible here at the UBC Tennis Centre.”

The results certainly speak for themselves. In just under two years at the helm, Boskovic has cultivated eight national-level players who train at UBC with even more on the horizon.

“My goal is to have at least ten to twelve national players this year, and I want to get at least ten of those competing in ITF tournaments internationally”, says Boskovic.

The Serbian product from Coquitlam, BC is known for his limitless dedication and plethora of passion.

“What drives me is seeing players succeed”, admits Boskovic. “Kids that win and want to take the next step, that’s what drives me. Now that we’ve established the UBC Tennis Centre as one of the best high performance academies across the province and, in my opinion, nationally – I want to be triggered internationally.”

Tennis players from across the province are taking notice of Boskovic’s crop of rising stars and signature high-intensity training sessions.

“We’re at capacity right now because of the high demand, but if I feel that a kids is athletic and puts in the effort, I can teach skill. I can’t teach drive. If you’re looking to join our program, you need to be committed in your mind, body and soul, 100%.”

Stay tuned for an exclusive look at the UBC Tennis Centre’s “Top Prospects” as they continue their journey to the pinnacle of Canadian tennis.

By Aneesa Heatherington