Blake | Faces of Recreation

Blake is an undergraduate student at UBC.

“My friends and I have created great moments in these activities and want to continue having great moments.”

Blake has been participating in UBC Recreation programs since his first year at UBC and he has been a part of the Handley Cup, Rec Futsal in the CoRec and Open categories, and Storm the Wall. 

Blake’s Top Picks

Storm the Wall

 Early in the morning we had our semi final and potential final for outdoor football. We won both games but ended exhausted and one of us badly injured. We were about to turn around and go home giving up on Storm the Wall. After sitting down and having lunch, we came to the decision that we were still going to Storm, but at a leisurely pace. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw our sprinter being the first to reach the bicycle station. To our disbelief we managed to keep a hand on the lead and got over that wall in a blink of a eye. Never been prouder of the key members”

UBC Storm the Wall is definitely an event that should be on your bucket list. Grab your friends and participate in either a competitive category like Blake or do it just for fun! This exciting and iconic event involves a swim, sprint, bike, run, and finally climbing THE WALL. Challenge yourself and brace yourself for the Storm!

Handley Cup  Soccer

“We still haven’t won that Co-Rec championship so we can’t stop until the set is complete!”

The Handley Cup Soccer league is played primarily outdoors on turf. From those looking to experience the game for the first time to those who live and breathe it, throw on your cleats and come on out! Shin guards are highly recommended. The games are played in teams of eleven in the winter season.