Your Ultimate Storm the Wall Checklist

Storm the Wall is just a month away and you’re probably asking yourself, where do I begin? No need to fret, as we have compiled a foolproof list of things you can do to prepare for this event. We can’t guarantee the relay race will be easy but if you follow these simple steps, we can guarantee an experience you won’t regret.

Step 1: What to do as Storm the Wall approaches?


  • Keep checking UBC Recreation’s social media accounts for new information.
  • Sign up for Storm the Wall clinics so you can practice getting over the 12 foot wall.
  • Set aside some time to bond with your team by doing activities together like training, movie nights and of course brunching. 
  • Fuel your body with good food and lots of rest.
  • Plan a race day strategy with your team by coordinating each leg of the race, base technique and or costumes which are always appreciated!
  • Finding a training buddy isn’t required (and most don’t) but it never hurts to hit the pool a couples of times or go for a jog.

Step 2: What to have on hand as Storm the Wall approaches?


  • Student card
  • Rain gear
  • Running shoes
  • Swimming gear and a towel
  • Bike and helmet (Note: bikes can be rented)
  • Snazzy spectator signs
  • Positive attitude

Step 3: What to do when Storm the Wall arrives?


  • Let friends know when you’re racing so they can cheer you on with their snazzy signs.
  • Make sure to register at your designated location depending on which leg you’re racing.
  • Don’t forget to showcase sportsmanship during the race because we’re all in this together!
  • Take advantage of our photo booth to document your experience on social media using #StormTheWall.
  • Keep an eye out for UBC Recreation’s social media contest and our epic wrap up video.
  • At the end of the day, just have fun and make lasting memories!

Getting excited? Don’t miss a beat and click ‘going’ to Storm the Wall, March 25-28, 2019! Register by March 15th. Got questions? Email, or message our Facebook Page!