UBC KIN conducting SEEDS research

Patrons of the UBC Aquatic Centre are to be advised that students with UBC’s School of Kinesiology (KIN 464) will be in the UBC Aquatic Centre, as well as other facilities managed by UBC Athletics & Recreation as part of their research in support of the SEEDS program, and the department’s work in support of this class research.

The Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Program creates partnerships between students, faculty, staff and community partners to learn together through research projects that are tested on campus, and applied in real-world settings – more information available here: https://sustain.ubc.ca/teaching-applied-learning/seeds-sustainability-program.

The KIN 464 students will be approaching facility users to collect data with the ultimate hope of trying to get a better idea of people’s ideas with respect to facility usage, and other information they can collect so that UBC Athletics & Recreation can better serve, you, our patrons.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation.