TSC Triathlon Gear Up for the Beginning of Tri Season

UBC TSC Triathlon will be competing this weekend in what will be the 37th annual UBC TriDu. This year, the UBC TriDu will kick off the first Western Canadian University Triathlon Circuit, spelling the beginning of the season for UBC TSC Triathlon.

TSC Triathlon at last year’s 2018 UBC TriDu

Since the invention of triathlon in the 70s, the sport has gotten more and more popular. Similarly, the UBC TriDu has expanded too. Last year, a collegiate heat was added to the TriDu as part of the Northwestern Collegiate Triathlon Championships, where university club teams in western Canada and the US could compete.

This year, after several months of arrangements, UBC TSC Triathlon is proud to present the new Western Canadian University Triathlon Circuit, comprised of three races across Canada: the UBC TriDu – Vancouver, BC; the Living Sky Triathlon – Pike Lake, SK; and the WTS Triathlon – Edmonton, AB.

The three major clubs competing will be the UVic Triathlon Club, The AMS UBC Triathlon Club, and the UBC TSC Triathlon Club; with a total of 28 competitors between them. The team hopes that this will expand to include more races and attract more university teams across Canada and the US.

Forecasts suggest that race day will relatively warm and will not be raining, which is excellent given the weather we get in Vancouver. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!