Having fun with Bike Maintenance at the Bike Gallery

UBC TSC Triathletes enjoying their pizza and chatting with Keith from the Bike Gallery.

Last Wednesday, UBC TSC Triathlon had a great Social Night at the Bike Gallery. Stephen and Keith generously opened their store after hours for a fun night filled with lessons on bike maintenance and fit.

The TSC Triathletes learned so much from these seasoned pros. Keith explained how to properly check your bike after the long winter months on trainers, and how to spot wear and tear on tires. Next, Stephen taught about his comfort-first approach to finding a bike that fits each individual’s needs. He told of many stories of his experiences fitting many different people ranging from cops to Canucks players!

Afterwards, there was a prize draw where Jimena Salinas won a pair of Ryders glasses and April St. Pierre won a CO2 pump. UBC TSC Triathlon would like to extend a big thank you to the generous suppliers for handing out these prizes and to Stephen and Keith for organizing such a fun night!