UBC TSC Sailing Hosts Largest-Ever Sea to Sky Regatta

It was smooth sailing this weekend as over 50 sailors from UBC, the University of Victoria, the University of Washington, and Western Washington University participated in UBC’s annual Sea to Sky regatta. The weekend was very sunny and breezy, leading to two days of fun racing. With so many boats on the water, it was highly competitive and truly put the skills of those sailing to the test. Finishes were especially tight, with some being almost too close to call.


Though such large numbers posed a challenge for accommodations and boat availability, through the support of the team members, friends, alumni, and family the event ended up a success. There was also great collaboration between the teams in attendance to ensure enough teams brought up their own boats. Additionally, UBC’s entire FJ fleet was on the water not only for the first time since the team repaired them, but for the first time in several years! All in all, the event created a wonderful weekend, and is sure to continue to do so in the years to come. 

Special thanks to Chipotle at Broadway and Cambie for providing a group of hungry sailors with burritos after a long day of racing!