Tennis Talk – March 2019

The UBC Tennis Centre’s High Performance programs are preparing for an important season of tournaments on both the national and provincial level. High Performance Director, Sasha Boskovic, shares some of his insights on how he prepares his athletes to perform at their best in pressure situations.

“These kids are training at such a high level year round, they need to be peaking constantly”, says Boskovic. “I feel whether it’s an ITF, a national or a provincial tournament – you need to be engaged the same for each event. At this stage in their tennis careers, they should be motivated to give all they can on and off the court – mentally, physically, tactically and technically.”

Boskovic adjusts his weekly training sessions to fine-tune his players for high-stakes matches.

“When it is tournament time, we’ll step up with more point play and designated pressure scenarios. The players will feel the pressures of playing points with the same atmosphere of playing a tournament during our regular training seasons. Otherwise, our program consists of more drilling with high intensity, high volume training based on a specific tactic or theme of the week.”

For any athlete, it’s important to take care of yourself on and off the court.

“A lot of what we talk about for preparation is what to eat and how to warm up before matches, as well as analyzing an opponent’s strength and weaknesses and how you’re going to exploit them. We really focus on setting up a game plan – not only for yourself – but how you’re going to play any given individual on any given day.”

By Aneesa Heatherington