UBC TSC Men’s Ultimate Takes the Douglas Bowl!

This past weekend, UBC took the ferry to Victoria to take on UVic in the annual grudge match known as the Douglas Bowl. The one-game, winner-take-all contest, was set last weekend against sunny skies and roaring alum from both institutions. The winds were light, and the weather was fair. The perfect climate for the age-old rivalry.

Photo Cred: Jon Hayduk Photography

We often joke that the Douglas Bowl is the “most important game of the season”. In the context of our college campaign, the Douglas Bowl doesn’t hold any significance. It won’t put us in a better position for playoffs, nor will it count towards our power rankings. The Douglas Bowl exists outside of the regular season, and is a game motivated by one thing.


So as we stood on the line, commentators chirping, Ben Burelle shouting incoherently, we knew what was at stake. A year’s worth of bragging rights. A year of being able to shut down any losing argument with “at least we didn’t lose the Douglas Bowl”.

It’s important to mention that both teams’ rosters were running thin. UBC captain, Connor McFadyen, was out with a broken wrist, while star rookies, Ty Barbieri and Shaun Tan, were nursing knee injuries. Jack Hou and Yu Chi Lin were also sidelined during the game. On the other side, speedsters Devon Thomson and Patrick Church had to sit out, and Keegan Freeland was incapacitated with a busted hand. Each of these players fill key roles on their respective teams, and their presence was sorely missed.

Trevor McCann lays out for the disc. Photo Cred: Jon Hayduk Photography

During the game, the tale-of-the-tape was UBC’s high pressure, suffocating defence, and UVic’s roster of big men willing to lay their bodies on the line. Trevor McCann battled hard against UVic’s resident Goliath, Dawson Pasin, and the two went toe-to-toe every point they were matched up. UBC’s Ryan Hoy and Chris Small never stopped moving in the lanes, while UVic’s Justin Pettenuzzo laid his body on the line to stop them. UVic rookie, Michael LeRoss, ran their offence with inside breaks and cool, calm handling throughout the match.


After a rough go at President’s Day in San Diego, UBC identified some holes in their offence and drilled constantly in preparation for the weekend. Despite a few sheepish zone attempts from UVic, the slippery disc movement of Vince Bulloch and Victor Cheng proved to be too much, often breaking through in only a few throws.

Kyle Chan catches the frisbee.  Photo Cred: Jon Hayduk Photography

UBC opened with a handful of breaks in the first few points, and momentum seemed to be in their favour. Trading all the way into half, UBC went up, and stayed up, to the end. No amount of audience participation or commentator bias could break UBC’s spirit as they cruised to a 15-9 victory over their Victorian counterparts.

The next time these two teams meet, it will likely be at either sectionals or regionals, with what will hopefully be fully functioning rosters. For the next year, however, the Douglas Bowl will reside comfortably in Vancouver, waiting for the Vikes’ next crusade as they try to take her home.

Written by Jonah Lee-Ash