The Wellbeing Challenge Winner 2019

Congratulations to Stuart Clarke who will be riding around campus in style and enjoying some amazing eats as the winner of the Wellbeing Challenge grand prize: a brand-new bike and dinner for two at Fable.

The Wellbeing Challenge, a collaboration between the UBC Physical Activity Office and UBC Food Services, ran from February 11th until March 8th, over the course of both Move UBC month and Nutrition Month. The contest asked participants to explore opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity on campus by picking up a Wellbeing Challenge Passport, and visiting a variety of recreational facilities and food outlets where a “wellbeing word” was posted. Participants wrote the wellbeing word on the passport and submitted the passport at the end of the challenge for the chance to win prizes.

“This was a great excuse to explore parts of campus that I never would have otherwise—like the UBC Botanical Gardens” says Clarke, who used his skateboard to visit the wellbeing location. Next year, he will be able to use his new bike!