The Furry Friends of Storm the Wall 2019

The first day of Storm the Wall has come to an end! Community teams led the way and kicked off the event with true panache. But after a long day of running, biking, swimming, and climbing, sometimes we need some cuddles from our best friend. The furry, smiley, tail-wagging kind. So scroll down and see Storm’s Furry Friends giving participants all the love and support anyone could ask for.


Finley (@finleythetoller) and Leo the Golden!


These good boys were spotted giving their biggest smiles for their team Sub it up The Wall! They are considered the 6th and 7th members of the team – and we can see why! These guys know the best spots for spectating all the action happening on the wall, specifically, right outside of the AMS Nest.

Next up… Kula and Rosie!


These fluffy buddies were perfect for a post-race hug! However, these pups were dedicated to giving their team, Colton’s best friends, all of their love, encouragement, and attention.

Continuing on….
Lulu (@lulu.the.berniedoodle)!

This love-ball is what you’d call a berniedoodle (in case you need to google lots of puppy photos later). Her favorite thing to do is come to Storm and cheer on her best bud Hugh and his team Boat Movers!

Last but not least, Molly and friend!

Meet the free-lance agents of Storm the Wall 2019! These doggos didn’t have a specific team to cheer for but they wanted to watch all the action nonetheless. As you can see, Molly had a particularly fun time watching the teams get over the wall.


There is a larger, and more important lesson we can take from our furry friends, and that is the importance of giving support! This week, teams and iron persons will be doing their best to achieve their personal goals and make the most out of this amazing event. As UBC students and community members, let’s also do our best to cheer them on! So swing on by the Nest building between 10:20-4:30pm tomorrow and show some spirit.

Check out the Facebook Event Page or our website for all the information you’ll need to Storm the Wall as a team, participant or spectator!