Another season, another season!

We conclude our UBC TSC quidditch season with a bunch of highs and lows.

Some of the highs:

  • We were able to maintain our status as one of the better teams in our conference despite almost our entire team graduating! This is a huge accomplishment and shows that even our newish players and rookies are able to really bring it to the other teams in the league (especially considering a lot of our graduates went on to FORM another team in that league)
  • Several of our players being invited to try out for Team Canada

Some of the lows:

  • Small team! This is the smallest team we’ve ever had which resulted in a few losses where we are just not able to keep up with bigger teams (we keep up, and then we get tired and fall behind).
  • Not placing at nationals. Hopefully with a stronger team selection next year we’ll finally be able to bring it to the east coast and show them just what we’re made of.

Quidditch Nationals was an awesome time for everyone who went- this year it was in Hamilton, Ontario. Some highlights include players scoring against some very, very good teams, our tiniest players tackling some of the biggest people (period) in Canada, and some superb seeker and snitch play. If we can keep up this improvement and keep up retention, we’re sure to be the top team in our region next year!