2019 Staff & Faculty Sports Day Results

The results below only reflect competitive team times for Sports Day 2019

Team Name Total Time Faculty/Department
UILO So Good 0:29:15 University Industry Liaison Office
Psuper Psyched! 0:36:39 Psychology
What? There’s No Cake? 0:37:02 Applied Science
The Zesty Lemons 0:40:36 Undergraduate Admissions
Sauder Beaches 0:46:01 UBC Sauder (Robert H. Lee Graduate School)
We Rxcellent! 0:46:15 Pharmaceutical Sciences
Time travelers 0:48:15 Pharmaceutical Sciences
Risky Business 0:48:51 Risk Management Services
Marcom Munchies 0:49:20 UBC Sauder
Orange 9mm 0:50:15 Medicine
Byte Size Heroes 0:53:02 IT
The Bad Assets 0:54:10 Medicine/Financial Services
#Crunchers 0:55:15 Financial Reporting
Can’t Breach This 0:55:25 Population Data BC
Vancouver Globetrotters 0:55:40 Go Global
isitbroken 0:57:30 Arts ISIT
The Chill Pills 0:59:55 Pharmaceutical Sciences
Permission to Land 1:00:15 Campus + Community Planning
Samosa Sensation 1:00:43 Pediatrics
Arts of Blue & Gold 1:01:27 Arts DAE
Poisonous PCANs 1:06:19 undergraduate Admissions
Hogs n’ kisses XOXO 1:08:17 Animal Care Services
the SPARCles 1:13:27 SPARC
Rural Health Warriors 1:15:40 Department of Family Practice
Law Lionesses 1:17:15 Law
Annual Giving 1:17:20 DAE
Poppin’ Data 1:20:20 Population Data BC
Finance Fanatics! 1:21:05 FSBL
Gradiators Jr. 1:28:11 Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
SPPGA Thunder 1:30:00 School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
SPPGA Lightning 1:36:52 School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
Team Peeps 1:37:50 UBC Sauder
Integrators 1:39:30 Integrated Renewal Program