New Fitness & Classes Memberships

It’s here!

Launching September 1, enjoy unlimited access to 29 weekly boot camps and 14 weekly spin classes for 16 weeks each term as part of the New Student Boot Camps & Spin Membership. For Staff, Faculty, CSC/UNA Residents, and Public users, access to boot camps and spin classes is included in the purchase of a Fitness Centre Membership.

Questions You Might Have Regarding Our Changes

Please note that 2019-2020 UBC Recreation Fitness & Classes Membership Rates come into effect starting September 1, 2019

  • $85/term

    Boot Camps & Spin Memberships

    All access membership to weekly boot camps and spin classes throughout the term

    Access includes:

    • Unlimited Boot Camps & Spin classes
    • Choose from over 40 different times throughout the week
    • Classes run for 16 weeks per term
  • $90/term

    Boot Camps & Spin Classes
    Fitness Centre Membership

    All access pass to unlimited boot camps and spin classes PLUS access to two fitness centre locations

    Access includes:

    • Unlimited Boot Camps & Spin classes for 16 weeks per term
    • Access to the BirdCoop Fitness Centre
    • Access to the ARC Fitness Centre

Other Boot Camps & Spin Purchase Options:

Option Student Staff/Faculty Public
5-Punch Pass $40.00 $45.00 $50.00
Daily Drop-in $10.00 $10.00 $11.00

Boot Camps & Spin memberships are valid within the term of purchase. “Term” is a set of four months; either September – December, January – April, or May – August. Boot Camps and Spin classes are automatically included in Fitness Centre Memberships for Staff & Faculty. For more information on Staff & Faculty Fitness Centre Memberships please visit our Memberships & Rates page for additional information.

Info IconFor more information on Membership Rates & Ways to Bundle and Save, visit our Membership Rates page.

Enjoy your favourite spin and group fitness classes under the new Boot Camps & Spin membership. All group fitness programs have the same names, but are now categorized as Boot Camps (ex. Butts & Guts).

For students, the purchase of a Boot Camps & Spin Membership or Punch Pass grants you access to classes that were once Spin & Group Fitness programs which are now listed as Boot Camps & Spin.

For staff, faculty, CSC/UNA residents, and the public, similar to Spin & Group Fitness classes, you will have automatic access to the same classes as before, but now they are called Boot Camps & Spin classes. (Don't forget that you have to have a Fitness Centre Membership though!)

As of September 1, 2019 all Boot Camps classes will now be a membership-based program. That means that instead of registering for a boot camp class to attend at fixed times for a certain number of weeks, purchasing a membership will allow you the flexibility to attend up to 29 unique boot camps per week for the entire term (16 weeks)! Attend one, or attend them all this fall!

Due to popular demand, patrons can now enjoy H.I.I.T and Interval Training classes as a boot camps class. This allows you to attend H.I.I.T and Interval Training as many times as scheduled per week as part of the Boot Camps & Spin Membership or 5-Punch Pass offering.