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Joanna is an undergraduate student at UBC.

Everyone in this program has the same goal of leading a more healthy lifestyle. Exercising with this group was never competitive, but more about encouraging each other, and laughing when the dance moves in Zumba seemed silly. I’m really glad I did it!”

Joanna is a domestic student who led an active lifestyle growing up, and wanted to continue doing so in University. She found joining the Move More Learn More program enhanced her UBC experience by being more involved, and allowed her to make exercising and staying healthy a regular part of her daily routine.

Joanna’s Top Picks

Move more Learn More

“My favourite aspect of this program was the large variety of activities we did. From weightlifting to yoga, I was forced to participate in activities that I wouldn’t normally pick as my “exercise of choice”. I found activities I didn’t think I would enjoy, actually enjoyable! I also enjoyed having a “workout group” to work out with every week. I find the ‘people’ aspect important in motivating me to show up, and meeting others who also wanted to change their lifestyles cool. This program also changed my perspective of time, and showed me that fitting even 1 hour of exercise in per day was not as difficult as I imagined if I budgeted my time well. Now I find myself exercising more than I did before the program, especially because I found which group classes at UBC I enjoy the most (Spin!). This program has enhanced my experience by showing me what’s available on campus in terms of recreation. I even participated in my first Storm the Wall this year, and physically prepared for it by utilizing all the drop-in passes I got through this program!”

Is health important to you? Are you curious about fitness? Join us for a new UBC Recreation program designed with YOU in mind. Move More, Learn More is a 6-week program that teaches you about physical activity and health, and gives you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to get active and improve your physical and mental wellbeing. This targeted program is open to all self-identified female students, with a specific focus on catering to our Asian female student population – a group with (on average) low levels of physical activity. Move More, Learn More is designed for people starting out with health and fitness to try new exercises and see what fits your lifestyle.