Tristan | Faces of Recreation

Tristan is an undergraduate student at UBC.

“Not only is UBC Recreation extremely affordable, but it is a student hub where different people from all over campus come together to better themselves. The culture at UBC recreation is very welcoming and every person at any skill level is encouraged to participate in whatever they want. Through consistent use of UBCRecreation facilities I have become part of the community, and all of my good friends are people I have met through UBC Recreation facilities.”

Tristan has been using UBC’s Recreation facilities since September 2017 (beginning of his first year). When Tristan first came to UBC he didn’t know anyone, but the facilities at UBC Recreation were a place where he went everyday from the beginning to interact with people who also enjoyed fitness.

Tristan’s Top Picks


“A gym can be an extremely intimidating place at first, but UBC Recreation and their staff are extremely welcoming. The ARC is specifically a great place for any student who is eager to do more fitness but isn’t sure exactly how to begin. I really believe that all students should take an active approach to looking after their Mental and Physical health, and UBC Recreation is a great place to start.”

BirdCoop Fitness Centre

“I like to workout at the BirdCoop Fitness Centre predominantly. The BirdCoop was the only gym open when I started at UBC and therefore it quickly became my home. The people that I see working out at the BirdCoop are extremely consistent and they motivate me to work harder. Seeing the same people every morning at 6:30am is really motivating as well.”

The BirdCoop Fitness Centre is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the UBC Community. The BirdCoop offers gym memberships, a climbing cave, as well as group and individual personal training for individuals of all fitness levels.