Living On Campus? Convenient & Cheap Ways to Get Moving!

Fitness Memberships

It’s not free, but one of the tried and true options is the Fitness Facilities Membership, that starts at $35/term. If you have a routine that you use or you have a couple times in the week between classes, this might be it.

Additionally, the memberships are better than ice cream toppings, you can mix and match different subscriptions for classes on top. As well as the packages we previously had, there is now a Fitness Facilities Membership + Spin and Boot Camp Package. Maybe you exclusively eat sprinkles, then you can just subscribe to the different classes offered at the gym!

Free Swimming/Aquatic classes

Want to go for a swim? Drop-in swimming for UBC Students (during public swim times) is free, yes… 100% FREE. You can de-stress between classes in the hot tub, or do a couple laps to keep up your endurance and you won’t ever have to pay a dime.

If you want to elevate your water fitness there are a variety of classes that students can get at a discount! There are multiple fitness classes in the water that are a great low impact option or hydro board activities that help incorporate balance into your workout! Definitely something to try if you haven’t done it.

Free Drop in Sports

Maybe getting active hasn’t always been your thing. Well, you stopped scrolling at the right spot. I understand that sometimes it can be hard or even awkward to try a new sport, why not try them with other people in the same exact place as you. There are free Drop-Ins for multiple sports in the different facilities you can try.

This year we are also introducing a few new sports that may interest you. We have Pickleball and Cricket now! If you have been meaning try them out, there are no more excuses.

Intramural Leagues


But wait, there’s more! There are Intramural Leagues for so many sports it makes you wonder, is that actually a real sport… The leagues cover multiple levels so whether you are the high school provincial athletic hero that might have peaked in high school or you are just looking for a participation ribbon, there is something for you. You can pull together your dream team or meet a new people as a free agent.

The Just for Fun Leagues are a great if you are not looking for a competitive experience, want to learn a new sport, or simply want to have fun with some new or old friends. Pick a league, find a team, and sign up!