Inner Tube Water Polo: Splashtastic Times in all Sea-suns

Inner Tube Water Polo (ITWP): What is it?

ITWP allows you to let all your worries drift away – why? Because while you’re acing a game of water polo you’ll be happily floating in your inflatable tube. It is a fun way to be active and play water polo (without needing the intense conditioning of an Olympian). The main actions in the game are throwing and paddling but as long as you have some experience with floating in a pool you’re ready for the best Intramurals experience of your undergraduate journey!

5 Things You Need To Know

  1. All you need is a swimsuit and the ability to float in an inflatable
  2. The league runs on SUNDAYS in the Aquatic Center – which is a perfect ending to the weekend
  3. You only need six players in the water (5 players and a goalie) 
  4. There’s only one tier which is Co-Rec (max. of 3 self-identified men in the water playing at any time) 
  5. Learn 2 Play Night is on Wednesday, September 11th – this is your chance to try out a match for FREE

3 Reasons You Should Join

  1. It’s a great way to stay active and fit 
  2. It is an easy sport to pick up and it’ll feel like you’re on vacation 
  3. You’ll have a SPLASHing time and meet amazing people 


You know what they say – just keep swimming, swimming, swimming ~