When Should You Introduce an Infant to Swimming?

Why bring infants into the water?

Many studies have shown there are numerous benefits to bringing infants into the pool, including improving balance, coordination, building muscle, and improving their sleep. The earlier and more frequently infants are brought into the water, the more we find them to be successful in later programs, especially unparented preschool lessons.

How young is too young to be in the water?

Realistically an infant can be brought into the water with their caregiver as young as a few weeks from birth. We have found that the earlier infants and children are brought into an aquatic environment, they will often feel more comfortable in the water as they get older. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends bringing children into the water at one year of age. Generally infants should be in the water for no more than 30 minutes depending on the temperature of the pool.

Why Aqua Fitness and Infants?

Aqua Fitness is an incredible exercise for anyone as it combines low impact exercises with the resistance and hydrostatic pressure of the water. This type of exercise is great for parents that are looking to stay active, social and get their infants in the water for the first time. The warm water leisure pool will ensure they stay warm throughout the class and they have a positive experience. The combination of music, an energetic instructor, and a world-class pool will ensure that both parent and infant get an amazing experience and some exercise too!

How do I get started?

Sign up for one of UBC Aquatic Centre’s postnatal programs! They have set up two postnatal aquatic programs for parents and kids between 6 months – 5 years. These program will help your child begin to feel comfortable in water, improve the Child’s physical health and potentially help with their sleep. A water leader will be there to help facilitate different activities with you and your child to make the experience fun and effective. In order to make your trip to our facility a little more worry free, we will be offering a parking package. This will give you one less thing to think about when planning your trip to our facility covering 20 minutes before and after.