Learn to Play Night – Try Out Our Leagues!

It’s the second week of school – classes are getting more intense, readings are piling up, that pesky Freshman 15 (or sophomore, junior, senior or masters 15) is creeping up on you…But guess what! There’s a solution to all your problems! JOIN a UBC Recreation Intramural League to meet new friends, get moving and forget about all your problems for at least a couple of hours a week.

But wait, what if you’re a first year student completely new to UBC Recreation? Or Maybe you haven’t played a sport in a long time and need to brush up before Leagues start? Or you’re looking to try something new because you’re in University and that’s kind of what Uni is for?
Lucky for you, we have an hour-long Learn-to-Play Night for our leagues on Wednesday September 11th! These sessions will provide you with information about the league and teach you the key skills and rules needed to play. The Learn-to-Play nights will also a great place to meet other people interested in your sport to potentially form a team with.

Learn-to-Play Night Details

Check out the SRC Gyms on WEDNESDAY for:

Dodgeball: 5:00pm

Basketball: 6:00pm

Volleyball: 7:00pm

Futsal: 8:00pm


Check out the Warren Field in Thunderbird Park on WEDNESDAY for:

Handley Cup and 4v4 Soccer: 9:30pm

 Flag Football: 9:30pm

Ultimate: 9:30pm


Meet us at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre on WEDNESDAY for:

Todd Ice Hockey: 5:30pm – Father Bauer Rink

What to bring – CSA approved Helmet, skates (rentable) if just looking to learn to skate.  Otherwise, also need to bring your own stick, shinpads, hockey pants, chest protector, elbow pads and gloves


Thank you for your interest in UBC Recreation Intramural Leagues! Please note that registration for all leagues closes the week of Sept 17th! For more information on specific sports, see our individual League pages. If you’re an individual that doesn’t have a team yet you can sign up as a “free agent”. Check out our Free Agent page for more information.