5 Reasons Why Your Club Should Join a League

1) Your club will become a family

Participating in UBC Recreation Intramurals leagues is a great opportunity for your club members to bond and hang out  in an informal setting. This means you can form more connections between members and get to know each other. Clubs work best when their members know about and care for each other and this is a great way to make this happen! Maybe you’ll even bond over a post-game celebratory snacks – Rain or Shine, anyone?

2) You’ll have happier and healthier club members

Leading a healthy lifestyle is great for the mental and physical health of your club members. As they are feeling better, your club will be more productive, and have a more positive club atmosphere overall!

3) It’s another thing to check off your UBC bucket list

We all have the list of things we want to do before we graduate, and participating in leagues of one of the largest intramural organizations in North America should be near the top of your list! Leagues are an unforgettable experience that will stick with you long after you graduate. Maybe you’ll even win a champ shirt – the ultimate UBC Recreation Intramurals souvenir.

4) It’s a fun and inclusive way to get promote your club

From Just for Fun to Competitive, 3 competitive divisions, and 3 competitive tiers, there are so many options for participation! These options ensure your club will be challenged, while still gaining a positive experience from your time in one (or more) of our TEN leagues! UBC Recreation Intramurals offers diverse participation structures that are guaranteed to fit your desired level of play. AND you can get your very own jerseys to promote your club!! 

5) You can make friends in other clubs – networking, am I right?

Leagues may give you the opportunity to become friends (or frenemies) with other clubs. This could allow for future collaborations, events, or campaigns – the possibilities are endless!

Can’t wait to sign up? The Term 2 Leagues Deadline is January 10th, 2020!