Flag Football – What is it all about?!


Yeah, you’ve probably heard about the typical intramural sports: basketball, volleyball – you name it. However, have you ever wanted to try something new?

When I was in high school, I was introduced to a game called “flag football”. It was the first time I have ever heard of combining both a sport I would always see on American television with a symbol on a cloth to distinguish countries from each other. However, I tried out the sport and it was an absolutely AMAZING experience!

I was disappointed when left high school because I thought I had to leave the experience of an extraordinary sport behind. The best part of university is that the fun doesn’t stop there – UBC Recreation Intramurals has a flag football team!

What’s the difference between flag football and tackle football?!

 Your direct thoughts with flag football would probably align with tackle football. However, one of the main rules that contrast with tackle football is that you are not allowed to tackle other players! Instead of tackling other players, you must grab one of the two “flags” that are attached to the opposing player. This flag is a long strip that is attached to your waistband. You will not be geared with heavy equipment since tackling is not allowed.

Great! How do I sign up?

 UBC Recreation Intramurals hold a league for flag football called the “Point Grey Cup Flag Football League”! The league runs all year, so you are able to sign up for term 1 OR term 2. There are currently 2 tiers of play in both the Open category and Women’s Category. If you would like a Co-Rec team, there is one available with a maximum of three self-identifying men per playtime. You must register a minimum of eight players and maximum of 20 players. Each game, you need four players to start. Think you got the requirements? Sign up here: https://reg.rec.ubc.ca/

How do games work?

There are two periods for flag football. Each period is roughly 25 minutes each. Games happen once a week on Sunday evenings!

Why should I join?

If you’ve never heard of the sport before, it’s a great time to try out a new sport! You could even meet new people, and maybe get that university workout on a roll! Who knows, maybe this could be your kick start to become a professional flag football player.

The deadline for flag football registrations is Thursday, September 19th. For more information, email the flag football team at im.flagfootball@ubc.ca or check out this link. Hope to see you on the field!