What are the sweet perks of being a UBC Recreation Intramurals Official?


Are you looking to relive the glory days of your favourite childhood sport, without the commitment or sweat? Apply to be a UBC Recreation Intramurals Official! All the fun without the stress, be a part of any of our 9 sports leagues. Apply to up to 3 sports, and join an inclusive community of passionate people.

What do you need to know before applying to be an official with UBC Recreation Intramurals?

1) We have competitive wages that range from $15-30 depending on the sport, and depending on the tier! We have 3 tiers, the highest level of play is tier 1, and this is our highest paying tier. Tier 2 is mid-level, and tier 3 is less competitive, and as such, tiers 2 and 3 are paid lower than tier 1. We have opportunities to officiate at every level of play.

2) We have flexible hours and can accommodate your school schedules! We’re looking for a minimum 2 shift commitment per week, and that is equivalent to 2 games (2 hours). You can officiate as little or as much as you want, which makes officiating the perfect job for the everyday student. League games run on both weekends and weekdays, and you’re able to officiate the league that fits your schedule.

3) We have an amazing community! We plan the work parties you wish your boss threw for you and your co-workers. Whether that be a casual official social at the Gallery on a weeknight, or our famous Hall of Fame night at the end of the school year, you’re guaranteed a great employment and social experience when you officiate with UBC Recreation Intramurals.

4) You can apply at UBC Recreation Employment via this link: https://recreation.ubc.ca/home/employment/im-league-officials/.

We’re hiring on a rolling basis. We can’t wait to meet all of you bright, shining people!