Training, Testing and Team Bonding

We’re 1 month into training and the team is shaping up to have around 15 members. Last weekend was spent in Whistler, with Hollyburn Ski Club. Attending members included: Alison Pouw, Claire Grall-Johnson, Fiona Schute, Katia Lumb, Madison Brown, Michael Murdoch, Mykal Bakker-Westeinde and Philip Maynard. It was a great training camp to meet the young and upcoming cross-country skiers in the Vancouver area. It is important for us to maintain strong relationships with the Vancouver community. Attending this training camp allowed us to grow our relationship with the local ski community.

Attending UBC team members, mixed in with the Hollyburn development and racing teams at the Whistler training camp.


Hard core training alert: Running The Garibaldi Traverse in the snow and pouring rain for 4.5 hours!


After coming back from the training camp, we dove straight into team testing this week. Testing included a 3000m timed run around the track, followed by push-ups, sit-ups, dips and burpees, executed for 1 minute each (it’s harder than it sounds!).


Off to the races: The Start of the 3000m track test.


We had some solid performances from all members of the team and look forward to seeing everyone’s improvement, after 2 months of training, when we perform the test again in November! Stay tuned for more blood, sweat and tears (aka fun) at our next track test in November!