League Feature of the Week: The Tide Tubes



The Tide Tubes are seasoned veterans of the Inner Tube Water Polo League at UBC!

They’ve seen it all and done it all when it comes to this sport. Having played in both Term 1 and Term 2 last year, they have some memories and advice to share with all of us.

Memory Highlights

When asked about some of the best memories made while splashing around the UBC Aquatic Centre in neon-coloured tubes, the team hilariously recalled the moment when teammate Richard managed to get stuck in one of the said tubes. Another mentioned that “we played as a human chain in some of our first few games because we were so bad we had to try everything.”

Any advice?

When it comes to advice, The Tide Tubes have some valuable knowledge to offer to first-time teams. “It’s pretty much impossible to be goalie, so don’t try too hard. Just have fun,” says the best goalie on the team, Jacob. They also all agreed that their secret to success was mainly Jacob’s wingspan in net, but also their utter focus, organization and teamwork.

What’s the catch?

One of the biggest perks of playing Inner Tube Water Polo has to be the other facilities the UBC Aquatic Centre has to offer. When asked about their post-game rituals, The Tide Tubes were quick to mention “the hot tub afterwards is a must, but you have to jump off the highest diving board before you can head there.”

Last minute words:

Wondering why they’ve stuck around so long? According to the inaugural members of The Tide Tubes, it was because of their devastating losses in the finals of their past two terms. “We want to get that W and those champ shirts,” one member agreed. Perhaps this is the term that The Tide Tubes will finally catch that W and get to wear those champ shirts. They’ve certainly got the confidence, which is half the battle. A word of warning from The Tide Tubes to their competition - “back out now, we’re pretty good.”