Welcoming Our New UBC TSC Artistic Swimming Executive Team!

We hope everyone’s been having a great beginning of the school year.

With the amount of success the UBC Thunderbirds Artist Swimming Sports Team had last year, we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for this coming year!

To get things started, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the new executive team!


Starting us off are our two Co-Club Leads Angelica and Jocelyn, both from Vancouver and in their
4thyear of Kinesiology. Both on the advanced teams, they have been a part of the Artistic Swimming community for over a decade. Angelica says that her favourite
part about being on the team is “being able to compete with all [her] friends in the best sport ever!” and says that if she could solo to any song, it would be ‘Thunderstruck’ by ACDC. Jocelyn says that her favourite part of being on the team is “getting to de-stress from school and see all [her] amazing teammates!” and says she’d want to solo to ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen.


Next up we have our travel and safety officers Aline and Jasmine (who is also our CUASL
representative!). Aline is from Ottawa, is in her 2ndyear at UBC studying biology and oceanography. Jasmine is from Vancouver, in her 4thyear in kinesiology. Both on the advanced team, Aline has been artistic swimming for 8 years, while Jasmine has been swimming for 13.

Both say their teammates are their favourite thing about the team, Aline adding that she likes staying active during the school year. While she also said she would love to solo to ‘Bad guy’ by Billie Eilish, Jasmine says her solo song of choice is ‘Comme des Enfants’ by Coeur de Pirate.


Another important addition to our is Fannia Xu, our Finance Officer from Burnaby. She is in her 2ndyear at UBC in integrated sciences. She has been doing artistic swimming for 8 year and is on the advanced team, saying that her favourite parts about the team are her “teammates and coaches!”. She would choose either ‘Deep End’ by Birdy or ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ by Lorde as her preferred solo song.



Finally, my name is Valie Madejska and I am going to be the Marketing and Communications executive. I will be communicating with you all through the blogs! I am from the Seychelles Islands in Africa, and am in my 3rdyear at UBC, studying creative writing and applied animal biology. Being a novice swimmer who’s only been artistic swimming for 2 years, my favourite things about being on the team are definitely my teammates, coach and being in the water! If I could swim a solo to any song, I would love it to be ‘Swimming’ by Florence and the Machine.


We are really looking forward to the upcoming season and hope that you are too!