League Feature of the Week: UBC Hummingbirds

Our team of the week is the UBC Hummingbirds!

The UBC Hummingbirds, named because they are like the UBC Thunderbirds, just smaller! They are a Co-rec Tier 1 team playing in the SRC Futsal League.

How did they meet?

They normally have 9 players, half met at the UBC Recreation Intramurals Free Agent Meeting, while the other half met during Wednesday night Futsal drop-ins. Some Hummingbirds play during multiple drop-in times, so they say they were bound to meet eventually.

How long have they been around?

While a lot of their players are new to the league, this team isn’t! Last time they played in the league they won second place and this time they’re going for first.

They are also amazingly diverse…

The Hummingbirds are a team mostly made up of students and they find that playing in a league has helped them in their studies by making sure they get a good extra hour of physical activity to promote health. Most of this team is representing the School of Library, Archives, and Information science, but they also have members representing Biotechnology, Forestry, Philosophy, and Engineering. They also are in all different stages of their educations, from undergraduate to PhD. They have loved getting to meet every week to plan a strategy, play their game, and then build off of that strategy for next time. They say that it’s a nice difference from school groupwork because in League they get to know one another, while in classes people often remain strangers.

Congrats again to the U! B! C! HUMM-ING BIRDS!