Fall 2019 – Set #2: Pre-Lesson Information (Swimming)

Lesson Set #2 for Fall 2019 starts next week. Thank you for registering in swimming lessons at the UBC Aquatic Centre! Swimming is a life-skill and swimming lessons will, over time, ensure that you are not only safe, but also prepared to have fun in the water. Our team is excited to welcome you to our facility, and have some helpful tips to ensure your lesson set runs smoothly!

Lesson Set #2 start dates:

  • Tuesday/Thursday lessons start Tuesday October 22
  • Monday/Wednesday lessons start Monday October 28

Are you ready for swimming lessons?

Based on feedback from parents/guardians of past swimming lesson participants we are posting our Pre-Lesson Information to our website for all to see. Whether its how to prepare, what to bring, how to get here or what to do once you are at the facility, this pre-lesson information overview should set you up for success.

Click here for your Pre-Lesson Information.