What the Heck is The Great Trek?

Have you seen our posters around campus, our banner on Main Mall or the event pop-up on your feed but still feel confused as to what the Great Trek is?

Say goodbye to all that confusion – clarity is here!

Where it all started

Does the Great Trek sound familiar, like something that might be a part of UBC’s history? If it does, that’s because it is! In 1915 when UBC was founded at Fairview, the university grew rapidly, leading to inadequate space and an increasing necessity for more facilities. In 1922, students created a campaign to encourage the building of more facilities and classrooms for the university. However, building space was minimal and the government had ceased the building of the Point Grey area.

In late October of 1992, students started a petition and led a march through Downtown Vancouver to Point Grey in protest. This revolution became known as the Great Trek. The students were successful in their protests and the continuation of the building on Point Grey was approved. The Great Trek is one of the key reasons as to why our campus is located at the beautiful, traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.


What does the Great Trek have to do with the Fall Classic?

The Great Trek is put on in partnership with the RUN VAN and is part of their Fall Classic Run where the public and UBC students can complete a 5k, 10k, or half marathon. Only UBC students can participate in the Great Trek Student Relay, however everyone and anyone is welcome to attend the Great Trek Festival where runners, students, and beer and entertainment lovers alike will gather for a day of relaxing and fun times. The Fall Classic, The Great Trek Student Relay and The Great Trek Festival all take place at the convenience of UBC’s campus on October 26.

Now that we’ve got the basics down, you may still be wondering what exactly the Student Relay is and what the Festival has to offer. Lucky for you, all you need to do is scroll down!


Great Trek Student Relay

This relay is suited for every student whether you love running or prefer a nice stroll around campus at this beautiful time of year. The first relay heat starts at 1pm and is completed in teams of 4 where each team member will complete a 2k leg of the race – that’s only 8k in total! Better yet, we encourage you to sport that awesome Halloween costume of yours, it’s a great excuse to show it off to a huge crowd of people! 


Great Trek Festival

The Great Trek Festival is a time to come out with your friends and peers for food, drinks and live music. It is the perfect post-relay race celebration where there will be a craft beer garden from 10am-3pm (well-deserved post-midterm szn), a variety of food trucks and live music ranging from DJ sets, soft rock, rap and live cultural performances from the Musqueam First Nation. 

There will also be an educational aspect of the festival so you can discover more about what the Great Trek of 1922 was all about and the connection between UBC and the Musqueam People. 

The Festival and Student Relay will be a great time to come hangout with friends, have some fun and be a part of the start of a new UBC tradition!


Now that you know what the heck the Great Trek is…

Gather a team for the Student Relay, coordinate a costume and get ready for one of UBC’s most unique experiences and atmospheres – the Festival!

Be sure to checkout our Facebook event page and click here to register your team before October 21st at 5pm!

P.s. keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on our social media channels about how to win 4 concert tickets when you register for the Great Trek Student Relay. We won’t tell you which concert just yet, but GET YOU and your friends to register to ensure that you won’t miss out on the BEST PART (*hint* *hint*) of a unique UBC experience