League Feature of the Week: Engineering Knights

This week’s Intramurals team of the week is the Engineering Knights!


They’re an Open Tier 1 team for the Ice Hockey league and today we had the chance to speak to Darien Grace who decided to leave home and make the trek down to UBC a few years ago!

How did you get involved in UBC Recreation Intramurals Todd Ice Hockey League in the first place?

Darien: I’ve been playing my whole life, since I was 5, so when I came to UBC I wanted to keep playing through Intramurals. I found an Engineering team to join and have been with them ever since.

What is it about Intramurals that keeps you involved, rather than being in a rec or beer league outside of school?

Darien: It’s convenient, in that I know it’s always at UBC rather than scattered across the city. It’s a manageable time commitment, and it doesn’t run through exams so I can take that time to focus on school. I also get to meet other people in my department that I otherwise wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Intramurals.

Do you have any advice you’d tell someone thinking about joining Intramurals in ice hockey?

Darien: Talk to someone in your department, because they might have a team. If that doesn’t work, make sure to join all the free-agent groups and go to the meetings. People are always looking!


Thanks so much for the great advice, Darien! Good luck on the rest of your season, Engineering Knights!