5 Sick Futsal Moves to Try Out!


Have you ever felt like your futsal moves haven’t been the best? Would you like to get a “flick and kick” or a “roll and troll” in your next intramural game? Read on to learn about some awesome moves to show off to your teammates (and maybe even intimidate your competitors)!


1. The Flick and Kick

With the ball a bit in front of you, put your foot on top of the ball and roll it back towards you to get momentum. Bring it onto the top of your foot. Flick it upwards to get a bit of height, and then blast that baby mid-air right into the back of the net!


2. The Roll and Troll

As you’re on the offense, run up to a defender and put your foot on top of the ball to roll it horizontally. Once you’ve faked them to that side, use the outside on that same foot to go back the other way. They’ll still be heading one way, while you’re long gone the other way.


3. The Around-Back

Put your foot on top of the ball and roll it a bit behind you, use the inside of that foot to kick it across to the other side of you making a sort of L-shape. You’re sure to confuse your opponent. Then simply take it and run!


4. The Nifty Nutmeg

When you’re just about to beat that last defender, add a little flair by waiting for that opportune moment to pass the ball to yourself between their ankles. This move is a sure-fire way to show you’re dominating the court.


5. The Helpful Header

Ball high in the air and feeling a bit impatient? Don’t wait for the ball to come all the way back down to your feet. Just give the net a little nod and send the ball into the top corner. Then bask in your own glory!


With these five futsal moves, you’ll be on your way to that intramural championship t-shirt. Have fun and hope you get your “Nifty Nutmeg” on!