League Feature of the Week: Tug and Pull

Our Intramurals Team of the Week is Tug and Pull!

For this week’s blog, the Point Grey Flag Football department decided to ask some questions to one of our new Free Agent Open Tier 2 team to see if they are up to date, and can give some insider tips to other groups. 


When deciding who should we interview, Tug and Pull’s name popped up, so we decided to ask them:

where did you get that name from?

“I just kinda woke up one day, sounded good, and we stuck with it,” their team captain mentioned. 

It seemed to me, the team had no real ideas, and so, when their captain brought it up, they all said yes. Moral of the story, sleep it out and you should wake up the next day with a unique name for your team.


We also asked Tug and Pull,

what pre-game warm-up do you practice?

Their first and honest answer was “none, because we are always late to the game.” But when they are early (by no more than five minutes), they try to practice some plays and handoffs.

A personal comment, I believe Pull and Tug lost that day so I do not recommend doing this.


People might think the Point Grey Flag Football league is a calm and relaxed environment, but we had to ask,

who is your arch-nemesis?

Like as if all of them had practiced, they uniformly answered “the free agent team, Coulter’s team.”

Their hate was so strong that they even wanted me to spell Coulter’s name wrong, so offensive.


Our final question for the team was,

how did you all learn to play flag football?

They confessed they are still working on it and went through a lot of trial and errors on the way. Some said watching the NFL helped them out, while others expressed playing soccer gave them an upper hand.

They think soccer and flag football is related, but who am I to say otherwise.


Finally, we all love a good touchdown celebration but Tug and Pull confessed they haven’t celebrated a lot because they have not completed many touchdowns, YET. They have, however, used the Mike Spike once, and they really liked it.

Here are just some fun stats about the NFL teams they follow:

  • Ravens
  • Giants
  • Patriots (the guy who mentioned this got kicked out of the team on the spot)


Thanks to Tug and Pull for the great interview, and we wish them the best in their season!