5 Ways to Prepare for a Basketball Game: Inspired by Team “Practice!?”

Have you always wanted to know how to prepare for your next basketball game? Well, here are 5 tips to get yourself ready to impress your competitors on the court!

1. Be sure to wear uncomfortable, unsupportive footwear.

Photo Cred: Title Jirakul

Why play a high impact sport with shock absorbent supportive shoes, when you can make your own fancy looking kicks like Jack’s shoes in the photo above?

2. Insure to deflate the ball enough to palm it.

Photo Cred: Title Jirakul

Nobody’s gonna know what you don’t tell em.

3. Create your own personal style of dribbling!

Photo Cred: Title Jirakul

Don’t be a crowd follower and dribble the ball beside your body and at a good height. It’s no fun when you don’t have your own style of dribbling! How will the other team remember you?

4. Make sure you are running off of absolutely no sleep.

Photo Cred: Title Jirakul

How valid are these studies on the importance of sleep for performance… really..

5. Forget your water-bottle! It’s fun to take your teammate’s!

We guarantee you that nothing is more fun when your teammate gets to drink all your water, leaving you with nothing left! It’s one of the best bonding activities!

Photo Cred: Title Jirakul


Huge shout out to Jack Shipway and Ben Walter from Team ‘Practice!?’ for sharing some of their ways to prep for a basketball game. Hope these tips come in handy in your future endeavours. Be sure to check these wild ones kill it on the court on Saturday afternoons! (Note, sarcasm is intended in our tips. In order to really prep for basketball games, do the opposite of our blog tips!)