League Feature of the Week: 3 Ryan’s 1 Frisbee

Welcome to this week’s Ultimate league feature!


Our Ultimate Frisbee Intramurals team of the week is 3 Ryan’s 1 Frisbee! For this week’s blog, we had the pleasure of interviewing their captain, one of the 3 Ryan’s himself. Let’s find out how they came to be standing here today!


Thank you for being here with us today! Can you tell us about your team and how you got your name?

Ryan: So, a lot of our teammates are actually from my high school and people that I’ve played club ultimate with for the past couple of years. The reason why we named our team 3 Ryans 1 Frisbee, is because we actually have three players named Ryan and we play with one Frisbee in the game so yah aha.


For any of the fans out there aspiring to fill your shoes, what do you think has contributed most to your success as an Ultimate Frisbee team.

Ryan: Just having a good time. We don’t get mad at each other and have good team spirit. We like to make a lot of jokes, make sure everyone has a good positive mentality and it’s all about the fun you know.


Can you tell us more about your training regime and team nutrition plan?

Ryan: A lot of our nutrition involves McDonald’s before the game, like a sausage McMuffin or something. Sometimes if we’re feeling a little dangerous, maybe some orange or apple juice. It’s a little risky, but that’s how we like it you know, get some extra sugar in our blood. In terms of training, a lot of it involves sitting down and studying for hours and doing a lot of sedentary activities like watching TV but you know what, it’s ok because it just gets us even more excited to get our blood going every Sunday.


Oh, so you’re like saving your energy for the field?

Ryan: Ya ya exactly, we’re totally saving our energy. I feel like high intensity interval exercises are overrated.


Besides playing ultimate on the weekends, what’s your second favourite thing to do?

Ryan: Love watching sports. I watch NBA, NHL, NFL so I love football. If y’all want to start a fantasy league, let’s get at it.


Is there anyone of your supporters you’d like to shout out at this point?

Ryan: I really want to shout out my boy, Ryan Chan, who’s also on my team because I really look up to him and since he’s Team Canada. I just really think he’s a great guy and I aspire to be like him.


Awe that’s so nice, I guess you Ryans stick together!


Thank you so much 3 Ryan’s 1 Frisbee! We’ll catch you on the field next week!