Water Wars And What it’s All About!

Wondering what Water Wars is all about? Well you’ve come to the right place!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with Water Wars 2019 upon us! This year will be better than ever with super exciting activities, an awesome environment to have fun with your friends, and a splash-tastic theme:


If you’re like many of us and aren’t quite sure what exactly is this, “Water Wars” event, we are here to hopefully settle any and ALL questions that might be brewing inside your head.

First of all, the name implies that there is a battle involved. Well, we’re here to tell you; that’s not entirely true and actually, that’s completely dependent on how competitive your own team wants to make it. 

Really, it’s the perfect excuse to do the silliest and wildest things you’ve ever imagined doing at the UBC Aquatic Center. It is intended to be a low-intensity event with an emphasis on TEAMWORK and FUN, so don’t worry if you’re not a great swimmer, we’ve got activities for both beginners and pros!


So down to the basics, here are a few questions you might want some extra clarity on:

What is Water Wars? 

Water Wars is an evening event that takes place at the UBC Aquatic center, loaded with lots of fun activities. Teams must consist of 6-8 members and always with any UBC Intramurals event, you must arrive 30 minutes before the event begins with your student card. Activities feature obstacle courses, inflatables, pool noodles, hydro boards, and more! There will also be rest stations along the way where you and your team can take a dip in the hot tub and go for a float in the lazy river, all the while a movie will play in the background for your entertainment!



Where is Water Wars? 

Guess what? It’s on campus at the UBC Aquatic Center, which means that you don’t have to trek far from your classes, residences, or varsity sports practices in order to get there! How winter-wonderful is that? 



When is Water Wars? 

Water Wars takes place on November 14th from 6-11pm, and what better time of year to blow off some post-midterm, pre-finals steam than with some goofy moments atop inflatables, a bit of friendly competition, and a few relaxing moments in the hot tub? 



What to wear?

Lucky for you, you can get creative with your outfits for this event! Although, costumes aren’t encouraged incase of garbage we LOVE to see wild swimsuits, floaties, goggles, and whatever other wacky outfit combos you can come up with. 




Sounds like fun! How do I sign up?

What are you waiting for? Grab 6-8 of your friends and register here before November 12th at 5pm!