Why Aren’t You Signing Up For Inner Tube Water Polo Next Term?

Universities all across Canada are obsessed with this hilariously awesome sport. McGill, McMaster, and many more universities have tons of students splashing around their aquatic centres, throwing balls from neon tubes. But here at UBC, Inner Tube Water Polo league numbers have been low since the league first began in 2018. Why isn’t UBC catching on to this trend?

Research has been inconclusive, but we can tell you one thing. The only solution to bringing numbers up for this league is YOU! There are no excuses here. We play once a week on Sundays, in the UBC Aquatic Centre for two hours. Now, if you can’t think of ANY reasons you might possibly be interested in joining this league, we have narrowed it down to our top 25 reasons you should join this splashtastic league in January:


1. You can use the sauna, steam room, AND hot tub to relax after a hard-fought game!

2. Get a chance to shoot your shot with the lifeguards and varsity swimmers of UBC 😉

3. You get to become besties with the Intramurals staff running the league! Trust me, they are pretty cool and want to be besties with you too.

4. Get TOTALLY JACKED ARMS – trust us, this sport is one crazy arm workout. You will get ripped in no time.

5. You get to vibe to the absolute bangers that the Aquatic Centre plays all day – whoever’s mixtape is playing, it is always FIRE in that place. Good thing there’s so much water to put out the flames.

6. You can finally put your free access to the Aquatic Centre to use!

7. You have the chance to show off that super cute new bathing suit you just bought in the middle of winter for no particular reason.

8. To be able to flex your two-pack. Or six-pack. Or dad bod. We want you to flaunt whatever you’ve got!

9. Playing on Sundays means that you will actually come to campus and MAYBE even be productive before your game. Just saying, playing Inner Tube Water Polo basically makes you a more studious person.

10. GET FIT! Moving your body has never felt so good when you are literally just sitting in a tube, flailing your arms around for two hours.

11. Get those endorphins pumping, pals! More endorphins basically just means more happiness, which means more Inner Tube Water Polo means more happiness.

12. To be able to tell people that you did something over the weekend other than watch Netflix.

13. Hydration! Is! Key!

14. To make Dezső Gyarmati (the most famous water polo player of all time) proud of you.

15. To make your parents proud! Show them you are getting fit, crushing the competition and making the most of your university experience all at once.

16. To make your prof proud, because they really honestly care more about how you do in your Inner Tube Water Polo games than how you do in their class.

17. To be proud of yourself! Self love, am I right?

18. To get some super sick action shots of you splashing around, having the time of your life, from our talented photographers! #ferdagram

19. So that you have something impressive to put in your Tinder profile.

20. To have the chance at winning a champ shirt, the most coveted fashion statement at UBC.

21. To experience those awkward half-naked conversations in the change room we all love.

22. To make some lifelong buddies! You know what they say, friends who play Inner Tube Water Polo together stay together!

23. To crush the people who may be really athletic in other sports but thanks to the specific skill set you can get from ITWP, aren’t actually good at this one (but you are).

24. To develop campus rivalries that will last a lifetime.

25. To get comfortable with the Aquatic Centre before Storm the Wall starts! #shamelessplug


If somehow none of those reasons appealed to you, send us a Facebook message, a phone call or an email and we will personally share how fun, inclusive, and hilarious this sport is, and why you need to join to get the most out of your UBC experience.

Don’t forget to get your team together and sign up online at www.recreation.ubc.ca or in-person at the Student Recreation Centre front desk by Friday, January 10th, 2020!