Team of the Week: AKPsi

Hello UBC! For our weekly team of the week post, we asked AKPsi how they all knew each other and this is what they said. 


“We’re all part of the co-ed business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. We’re not associated with the Greek system at UBC, but AKPsi is for everyone and anyone that is interested in business, and we host events, networking sessions, and workshops to develop our business skills. We also just like to hang out together, study, and play sports! We consider each other as one big family, so we pretty much do everything together.” (Team Captain, Francis Lee) 


We also asked a couple questions to the team: 


How was this rockstar group was formed? 

“Everyone of us shares a passion for business but a bunch of also shared a passion for basketball! So we decided to make a team for the first time and we’ve been enjoying it a ton so far.” (Team captain, Francis Lee)

With basketball being one of the more popular intramural sports, we were curious to find out what the teams favourite part of basketball intramurals were. 


What’s your favourite part of Intramurals?

“My favourite part about basketball intramurals is the competitive aspect! It’s a great way to get a small feel for that team aspect many of us had playing sports in high school, but I like that it’s also different in the sense that we can just have fun with it, whether we win or lose! Also, it’s a great way for some of us to get to know each other better” (Team Captain, Francis Lee) 

Finally, seeing that Intramurals does help create a sense of community we asked if the team had any pre-game or post-game routine.


Any wild Pre or Post Game rituals?

“We don’t have a pre- or post-game routine, but we do go to drop-in as a group a LOT! Once the NBA season starts, our post-game routine will probably turn into studying and watching basketball”  (Team Captain, Francis Lee)


Huge shout out to Team AKPsi for chatting with us about their team! It’s awesome having you guys in the league! We’re looking forward to seeing more of AKpsi and their high energy throughout the Nitobe Basketball Season.