5 Steps To Become a Volleyball Player!

Are you looking at volleyball players and wondering: “I wish I could get into that sport..”. We’ll we’ve got the solution for you! Check out our steps in how to be a volleyball player and transform yourself into a VBALL star!!

Step 1: Buy Your Outfit

Walk onto the volleyball court looking and feeling like a champ!


What Should Be On Your Checklist?

 ✔ Spandex – Nike, Underarmour or Mizuno 

 ✔ Knee pads

 ✔ Long Nike Elite socks (but we won’t judge if you wear ankle socks)

 ✔ Nike Basketball ball or Mizuno Shoes 

 ✔ Pro-wrap EVERYTHING

 ✔ Ankle braces for PROTECTION

 ✔ Athletic tape 

 ✔ 32432 Tournament hoodies and T-shirts


Step 2: Learn the Essential Skills

  • Learn to serve – underhand or overhand

  • Learn to bump – watch out for your forearms turning red after all the practice!

  • Learn to set – get those nice hands! 

  • Learn to spike – be wary of your approach, swing, and timing!

  • Learn to block – greatest feeling in the world!!


Step 3: Understand Volleyball Lingo

Just a few things volleyball players say:

  • It’s up!! 
  • You know, I used to play club. 
  • OUT!! 
  • One pass 
  • 51!! 62!! 
  • Pipe!
  • Pancake
  • Pokey
  • Tip
  • Ace
  • Dig
  • Roof
  • Shank
  • Side out!
  • Serves up
  • Left/right seams 
  • Can you tape me? 
  • Do you wanna pepper?

Step 4: Choose Your Position! 

→ Setter

  • The backbone of the offence
  • Makes decisions who about who gets to hit! 
  • Gets the 2nd touch to set to the hitters
  • Has to takes in a lot of information and needs to make quick decisions
  • Takes the blame for others mistakes 🙁
  • Also blames everyone for their mistakes 
  • “Nice hands” 

→ Outside Hitter

  • Is a great passer and hitter!
  • Has big swing and is a solid blocker 
  • The go-to person for setters to set to
  • But, always complaining about the set.. “Tighter, wait… Not so tight!!” 
  • “You have such big hops and hang time!”

→ Right Side

  • Blocks the other teams outside sitter
  • Has good hits and passes
  • Rarely gets set unless your setter can backset 

→ Middle

  • Needs to read the opponent’s setters moves
  • Quick to move from one end of the court to the other for a big block! 
  • Hits the quick sets!

→ Libero

  • Always back row
  • Are the best passers and an even better digger
  • Is the person running all over the court to keep the ball up! 

Step 5: Have Fun & Register for Term 2 Cross Volleyball Intramurals

Now that you’re a pro at volleyball, grab your friends, teammates, or other free agents and sign for term 2 intramurals and win that champion shirt!

This can be done online at www.recreation.ubc.ca or in-person at the Student Recreation Centre front desk before Friday, January 10th, 2020!


See ya’ll on the court!