Daniel | Faces of Recreation

Daniel is a Future Swimming Star.

“The UBC Aquatic Centre has many different options for lessons times, especially twice a week lessons which make retention better from lesson to lesson. The new UBC Aquatic Centre is also a beautiful facility, and the coaches are very professional and good with the kids.”

Daniel participates in the Jr. Coached Workout program, and has completed all the swim kid levels at UBC. Daniels siblings also have participated in various swim kid levels.

Daniel’s Top Pick

Jr. Coached Workout

“I highly recommend the Jr. Coached Workout program if you aren’t looking for a competitive swimming program, but rather want to see your child continue improving. It’s allowed Daniel to continue improving his swimming after he has completed his swim kid levels without having to put him into competitive swimming. Also the coaches are nice and friendly so the kids don’t mind going to lessons and working hard!”

The Jr. Coached Workout is for children, 8 to 14 years, who have completed Red Cross Swim Kids 10 level and/or are proficient at all the strokes. Taught by Red Cross Water Safety Instructors, this course offers an introduction to swimming for sport. Our friendly instructors will provide individualized stroke correction to improve swimming techniques. Flip turns, dive starts, specific drills, and the use of pace clocks will be taught, as well as an introduction to dry-land warm-ups.