League Feature of the Week: Just The Tip

Our League of the Week is Cross Volleyball Intramurals!

Today’s blog shares Jenny Lam’s experience in participating in the W2STGN pool on a free agent team, Just the Tip!

1. How was your free-agent experience at the beginning of the term?

I would say that it was somewhat difficult to find a team if you didn’t go to the free-agent meetings held at the residences. Nevertheless, there is Facebook for all the intramural leagues to look for potential teammates, and luckily several people messaged me after seeing my comment, so it all worked out at the end. It was a bit intimidating to meet new people at first, after going to drop-ins and playing games together, it got better.

2. What helped with making your team close despite all meeting each other for the first time?

Being supportive of each other is what I think brought us closer to each other. We would hype each other up when we win points and huddle up and talk each other up when we lose points. I believe the feeling of acceptance is essential to building great teamwork.

3. What are your favourite aspects of playing in the W2STGN team?

For me personally, playing with teammates and against teams that are at a similar skill level as me, so I can solidify my foundational skills and learn new skills by actually practicing them during games.

4. Favourite memory in intramural volleyball? Or favourite part of playing volleyball?

I would say it is winning a game, it is definitely rewarding. Otherwise, It would be those long rally we have had, trying to keep the ball off the ground and over the net.

5. What piece of advice would you give students that want to play volleyball but don’t have a full team?

If there are enough people interested, then assemble a team of your own and join the league! If not, you could always gather a few friends and join a team as free agents (find a team during free-agent meetings or on the Facebook group).

6. What advice would you give to people new to the sport?

Definitely go for it, because you can only learn how to play when you are on a team playing it. If you are looking to join just to chill and relax during your free time, I reckon tier 3 and just for fun teams are pretty good. People here are supportive so don’t worry even if you have no experience, it’s all about having fun and making friends


Thanks so much, Jenny for sharing your tips with us this week! We hope you and your team had a great season and hopefully you’ll be back next term!