Point Grey Flag Football League Term 1 Wrap Up

Thank you so much Point Grey Cup Football League! We had a fantastic time each weekend (despite the cold) and we hope you did too! Thank you for being such amazing participants this term and dedicating your Sunday nights to flag football. Huge shoutout to all of our refs as well, we really appreciate all the hard work you consistently put in throughout this term! 

Congratulations to all of our term 1 winners:


CoRec Tier 1 CWD Winner – Allard Mallards

Open Tier 1 CWD Winner – Jaguars

Open Tier 1 DIV Winner – Burnaby Mountain State

Open Tier 2 CWD Winner – Alpha Alpha


We’re really looking forward to seeing you again in term 2! Registration for term 2 is officially open and closes on January 10th at 5pm. All details and info are in the link below. See you all in January 2020 🙂